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Hello, my name is Elena Koledova.

I’m a professional knitter and women’s wear pattern instructor.

Welcome to my cozy world!

I live in Kaliningrad, Russia with my family
and darling Samoyeds. In every piece of my
work beats the heart of the Baltic Coast,
where stylish one-of-a-kind knitwear is in
high demand.

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Koledova Knit was created from my desire to make elegant knitwear that would appeal to all generations of women.


I believe slow fashion is here to stay because women will always want to look unforgettable. We have entered the decade where comfort and style are no longer mutually exclusive. We understand the impact of custom clothing on our self esteem. We are familiar with the feeling of confidence that comes from creating something on our terms.

I strive to make my clients feel heard. By trusting Koledova Knit you’ll be choosing from the finest selection of yarns in flattering colour palettes. Premium yarn will prolong the life of your garment and neutral colours will ensure it remains in harmony with your wardrobe for many years to come. All patterns are tested by makers from around the world at various knitting levels. Whether you want something made for you or you’d love to make it yourself, there is something for everyone at Koledova Knit.

Travelling gives me a fresh look at timeless
global elegance.

Creating custom knitwear for my
amazing clients inspires my easy-to-follow

I Believe In The Staying Power Of Slow Fashion.

Quality Over Quantity

I believe in timeless demand for handmade knits. I believe clothes made by happy people can charge you with joy. All good things take time so you can experience love and gratitude in every stitch…

Quality Over Quantity

Ordering custom knitwear is easier than ever before.


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